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We'll Teach Them in the Trenches

The children were given a unique opportunity to question the iconic figure from our history and gained an insight into his character that few could experience in person.  ‘Winnie’, as the children soon learnt was favoured nickname given him in respect by the embattled British people in Wold War 2, was amazingly open about his early childhood, his entry into the military and action in the Sudan and against the Boers in South Africa.  His capture there was told with an air of excitement that only could be portrayed had you been there!  The children then explored a second major point in his life, his entry into politics before resigning over the Dardanelles disaster.  Action on the Western Front was told with poignancy entirely appropriate to his visit on 11th November and brought significance to the children’s earlier remembrance assembly.  Finally Winston related the highlight of his life, his tenure as Prime Minister in World War 2, and subsequent events before his State Funeral.  His many speeches featured heavily and his sincere encouragement to the staff was most appropriate to Westfield, adapting one of his most famous speeches to suit the occasion, to ‘teach them on the beaches, teach them on the landing grounds, you shall teach in the fields and in the streets, you shall teach in the hills; you shall never surrender!’.

Unfortunately, one member of the teaching staff could not attend on the afternoon.  However, on his return after Sir Winston had left for another appointment, the children excitedly reported events, albeit with a strange and perhaps knowing look towards the earlier absent male teacher.  Suffice to say, a keen understanding of particular moments in modern history and some amazing biographical writing littered with keen insights inevitably followed!