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Maths Week

The theme this year was on ‘TIME’, with children taking part in a range of activities in this area of maths.  Some of the activities the children took part in were timed investigations and challenges, playing time games inside and outside the classroom.  There was also a competition with children asked to design and make a watch or a clock hat. The week ended with children  parading their designs in assembly.

When children were asked what they thought about Maths week a child in year 5 said – ‘It is great fun to spend one week focusing every lesson on maths, as I love maths and I now know 16 more facts about time than I did last week’.  A child in year 4 told their teacher ‘I never knew that time is so important in everything we do. Did you know that if you know your 6 times tables you can know your 60 times tables?’ Lower down the school a Year 1 child added ‘I have had lots of fun this week. I played what’s the time Mr Wolf to learn my o’clock and half past times’.

In addition to this very exciting week, a competition was set for each key stage. The competition was to design a game which could teach others about one particular area of maths. The maths team were inundated with games which showed much thought and effort and they thank everyone who took part. They were all so imaginative that it took in excess of 4 hours to judge the winners, of which there were many. 

Parents were not left out as they were invited to KS1 and KS2 evenings with a focus on how the school teaches time to their children and what can be done at home to support this particularly conceptual area of maths. Both evenings were a great success with many parents saying ‘Thank you for such a practical, humorous and  informative evening where I could put myself in the mind of my child and see just how hard it is to know how to tell the time and then use it for everyday life’.