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Harry Potter Studios

Nick Chandler, Deputy Headteacher and Year 6 class teacher, commented that, “This was a brilliant day and I have rarely seen children so excited or inspired by an event.  To see the methods used by professional filmmakers to create setting and ignite the senses was an experience I think few of these children will forget.  It does have major purpose, however, as the techniques easily translate to stimulate the writing of highly effective setting and character description.  We arrange such events to give the children a highly personal experience, which they can then draw upon to generate improved and engaging styles in their writing.  What better experience could we have sought than the very heart of the production of the big screen blockbusters that all the children find so enthralling?  In turn, subsequent writing has shown a depth and proven quality that cannot be achieved by classroom teaching alone, no matter how outstanding the quality of that might be.  What an amazing day this was!”