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Lightning strikes twice!

Once again, the school’s main hall was setup as a wide bodied jet airliner and children had to find their way with their carry-on luggage from the ‘departures lounge’ (their classrooms), to the correct gate for boarding and finally to find their seat from personalised boarding passes handed out in the departure lounge. 

With a few exceptions, the same flight crew were in charge of the flight and felt very secure as lightning never strikes twice in the same place!  The cabin staff jovially escorted the passengers to their seats and settled them in.  There proved to be a  delay in  being pushed back from the terminal whilst the captain and co-pilot went through final checks as the engines were indicating issues that never were proven.  In the meantine, book bags were stowed in overhead lockers and the passengers sat back to luxuriate in their comfy plastic chairs. 

After an uneventful take-off and climb-out, passengers marvelled at the scenes of the local countryside passing beneath them (on the big screen) and chatted happily over the loud noise of the powerful engines (boosted by plenty of bass on the stero at take-off).

In a matter of minutes, a similar storm to that experienced last year beset the aircraft – with similar dire consequences.  Thankfully, armed with the experience of last year’s accident, the pilot called on all his past experience once again to land the jet safely on a similar reef with no injury at all to the 98 souls on board!  Incredibly, a mysterious island to that in proximity to last year’s crash hove into sight and the passengers made their way across the reef wondering what they might encounter there.

Nick Chandler, Deputy Headteacher, Year 6 Class Teacher and part-time pilot, commented, ‘Sometimes, a plan just works for what it is and, although a similar event took place last year and lived only in rumours for the current Year 6s, their immersion in an amazing sensory experience served equally to fdire the imagination.  The combination of brilliant drama performances from the ‘cabin crew’ and use of sound and vision to create realism truly inspired some great follow-on action writing with growing tension as their escape was re-told from personal experience and imagination fired up to maximum.’

We do understood that the Civil Aviation Authority is currently assembling a board of inquiry, however, on how the same mechanical failures could occur to a similar aircraft in exactly the same conditions!  We hope to report on the outcome later – when we get to writing in the report genre!