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Children had fun searching the grounds in an outdoor shape scavenger hunt and quizzed the midday assistants to answer shape questions from badges that they wore. There was also a task where the children were asked to design and make a shape accessory to wear. A variety of imaginative items were made such as shape fascinators, shape shoes, handbags, hats and jewellery to list a few. The week culminated in a parade showcasing their designs in assembly.

When children were asked what they thought about Maths week a Year 6 child said ‘It was great fun to learn about shape in such a practical way. I really enjoyed investigating what nets make 3D shapes and then we got to make our own where we had to be very accurate with the length and the width of the shapes drawn.’ A child in Year 4 commented ‘I loved it when we were given sweets and spaghetti to construct as many 3D shapes as we could. I made an octahedron and it was chosen to be displayed in the classroom.’  Lower down the school a Year 1 child added ‘It’s been great fun. I played the mystery shape bag to describe shapes and I have learnt how many sides 2D shapes have using silly songs.’

A very exciting competition was announced before the Christmas holidays for children to design a building, either from around the world or from imagination, using as many 2D and 3D shapes as possible. The maths team were astounded by the creative structures which exhibited so much thought and effort - it took quite some time to determine the winners!