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SNAG Golf goes Snazzy

The competition started in October with all the pupils using their curriculum skills and creativity to design their entry and also explain their choice of design.

Six finalists from each class were shortlisted.  Judging, by Tracy Sanderson of Loudmouth Golf UK, resulted in a class winner and an overall winner.  The winning design was then carefully recreated by Terri Buffery on a pair of trousers.

Darren Game commented “Each year the competition gets more and more enjoyable. The children really do come up with some fantastic designs and their explanations and reasons behind their designs showed just how much it meant to them”. Tracy Sanderson added, “There were so many brilliant designs and it was hard to pick the six finalists let alone the overall winner!”

Liberty Wright’s design earned her third place, with Evie Lees second and Sasha Barnes overall winner. “Sometimes it is hard to fit in, so I thought Mr Game should have a school uniform when he comes to teach us golf” was Sasha’s reason behind her design.  Pictured are the three winners with their winners caps and Mr Game showing off his new school golf trousers.