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A Walk on the Wild Side

Children from Years 4 and 5 had been eagerly awaiting his visit after spending time researching the famous naturalist for their English work.  His presentation about his life enthralled the children.  They learnt about how he was inspired by a bird book which he received as a gift in his childhood and how that led him to travel the world to experience wildlife in all its forms. Mike was impressed by the children’s questions and they were amazed by his answers.  One child asked what animal he was most afraid of and they were all surprised to hear that it was the tiny mosquito because of the terrible diseases it can spread. 

Stories of his travels inspired the children to ask about his favourite animals and plants.  Mike shared some excellent bird impressions of his favourite birds, which had the staff and children in stitches, especially when staff member, Rebecca Beavis, was asked to demonstrate with him.  The children and staff learnt about animals many had not heard of before and the eco systems of some of the amazing places Mike has worked and visited.  The children were most fascinated by the endemic species which Mike has encountered during his career.  Miss Atkinson, Senior Deputy Headteacher, commented, “It was such a privilege to welcome Mike to the school. His tales of animals from abroad were remarkable but he also showed how easy it is to experience wildlife right here in the UK and I’m sure that many of our children will be picking up their binoculars and heading outdoors at the weekend to see what they can find.  I can’t thank The Len Pick Trust enough for organising such an inspirational event.”