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Maths Week

This year’s ‘Times tables’ theme saw children taking part in many activities from playing times table games, scavenger hunts, times table rock stars on the IPAD, using natural resources to make times table posters.  They even learnt times table songs to the tune of popular pop songs in their music lessons and performed these during a celebration assembly. Cross curricular activities such as golf times tables helped to make the week a very enjoyable way to learn times tables. The staff were very involved, sporting t-shirts which they added times table facts to each day for children to spot. The children then were asked to make a medal of facts they had learnt all week. The children and staff then celebrated the end of Maths week by wearing these in assembly.

When children were asked what they thought about Maths week this is what three children said - one child in year 5 said – ‘It is great fun to spend one week focusing every lesson on maths, as I love maths and I now know 16 more facts about times tables than I did last week’.  Another in year 4 added, ‘I never knew that times tables are used for so many things. Did you know that if you know one times table fact, you know one other times table fact and two division facts –  my teacher calls them facts for free!’ A year 1 said ‘I have had lots of fun this week. I know lots of songs to help learn my 2, 5 and 10 times tables and I really enjoyed playing golf with Mr Game to learn my times tables quickly.’

In addition to this very exciting week, a competition was set for each key stage. The competition was to make a booklet, leaflet or poster which could teach others about a times table fact.  The maths team were inundated with a fantastic array of posters which showed much thought and effort and they thank everyone who took part. They were all so imaginative that it took the mid-day supervisors a long time to judge the winners, of which there were many.