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The Best Design

The competition started in October with all the pupils using their curriculum skills and creativity to design their entry and also explain their choice of design.

Six finalists from each class were shortlisted by Tracy Sanderson of Loudmouth Golf UK. Then a democratic Key Stage 2 vote followed, which resulted in 2 runners-up and an overall winner.  The winning design was then carefully recreated by Terri Buffery on a pair of trousers.

Darren Game commented “Every year I look forward to the Year 4 trouser competition and this year was no exception. A massive thank you goes to all the children who worked really hard with their meaningful designs. All the designs could have been worthy winners and I would have been happy wearing any of them.  I was just relieved I didn’t not have anything to do with the judging! The winning design was brilliant, mixing my favourite childhood cartoon character with modern ones and golfing as well. Fantastic! I am looking forward to wearing them every week at school.”

Amy Arden and Oscar Huang’s designs were runners-up and they were thrilled! Connor Brenchley was the overall winner and Connor said, “I had great in designing the trousers. I know that Mr Game loves Snoopy and I thought that his trousers should show what he likes”. Pictured are the three winners with their winner’s caps and Mr Game showing off his new school golf trousers.