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Remembering ......

Children are encouraged to understand that, whatever the nature of the conflict, those who serve out of loyalty, a sense of public service and the causes of good, often making the ultimate sacrifice, deserve remembering for their commitment and courage.   This is all the more significant in a year that encompasses a century of contemporary conflict, the 100th anniversary of the start of World War One and the year that our forces finally withdraw from Afghanistan. 

‘This year in particular, our studies in Year 6 of conflict throughout the 20th century have attracted a particular poignancy.  Memories of trench warfare in World War One, immortalised in writing and poetry, struck a particular chord with this, a generation many times removed from the times.  Our display in Baldock Mill over the summer, and recent participation in the dedication ceremony of plinths at the Bourne War Memorial, showed the close affinity and understanding many of our pupils now have with the terrible times endured by their ancestral relatives.  More contemporary studies enabled many children to engage with grandparents and younger relatives to gain a valuable insight into the courage of individuals, the true significance for those engaged in conflict. In our remembrance activities, we do not in any way celebrate conflict, but instead hope only to promote respect in the humanitarian hopes of all those tragically caught up within it.’