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Eco Finalists

This recent recognition is as a result of the development of our school grounds. We have placed bird boxes and flowering plants in our environmental areas to encourage local birds and insects. A rain butt has also been installed so that the water we use to water our vegetables is from a sustainable source. These vegetables are planted by the children and are used in class recipes or by our school kitchen to produce home grown, healthy meal options. We understand the importance of teaching children where food comes from and each year group additionally has an assigned chicken who is looked after by selected year 5 children. The eggs the chickens lay are also used in our kitchens.

Each class has an Eco Monitor who ensures that the paper bin is recycled and checks that non-essential electrical items are switched off. The Eco Warriors perform spot

checks to ensure we are all sticking to our saving energy pledge, checking lights are switched off and that no taps are running.

Six Year 1 pupils have been selected to attend the awards final in May along with Eco Co-ordinator and Year 1 teacher Emma Desbruslais. Children are currently preparing a presentation and display to take with them explaining all of their Eco work. Miss Desbruslais commented,  “It is an honour to have been chosen for this award and fantastic to see the hard work of the children being recognised.”