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Madagascar by Air!

Once settled, children were given the safety brief and cabin crew checked bags were under seats or in overhead lockers, trays stowed, seats in the upright position and seat belts secured. 

The cabin crew served inflight refreshments to order, albeit a limited selection of only water did disappoint some passengers.  However, over the ocean, the aircraft entered a storm and the children had to put their safety knowledge into action.  The cabin crew and pilot remained calm as they instructed the year 6 to adopt the ‘brace’ position just before the plane was forced to crash land close to a mystery island!  After a period of silence, the pilot appeared and, with the cabin crew, gently ushered the passengers to safety by walking in the shallow water to the distant island; this was accompanied by rapturous applause from all the smiling passengers!

Nick Chandler, Deputy Headteacher and Year 6 Class Teacher, commented, ‘It was an amazing afternoon and the children loved every moment!  The combination of brilliant drama performances from the ‘cabin crew’ and use of sound and vision to create realism truly inspired some great action writing.”

Even one adult involved, who had not flown before, commented, ‘That was amazing, I now know what air travel must feel like – the take-off was as if we were there!’