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Mike Dilger opens Music Room

Mike was accompanied by organisers from The Len Pick Trust as he unveiled the official plaque.  The special guests were then treated to musical performances by the school’s award winning choir and piano and violin solos, demonstrating what a difference a purpose built music suite has made to the school. Mike was amazed by the talent at the school.  Arts Co-ordinator and Music Director, Rebecca Beavis commented, ‘It’s so important for all children to experience music in school and this long awaited space will mean that we are more able to provide high quality music sessions all of our children.’ 

Following the opening of the Music Room, Mike treated the Year 4 children to a presentation about his life as a naturalist and presenter which enthralled the children.  They learnt about how he was inspired by a bird book which he received as a gift in his childhood and how that led him to travel the world to experience wildlife in all its forms. Mike was impressed by the children’s questions and they were amazed by his answers. 

The children were stunned by a taxidermy badger and peregrine falcon which Mike had brought as part of his talk.  They were eager to touch the badger and be close to animal which would normally only be seen at a distance. Mike was very surprised by the children’s knowledge of wildlife, particularly those who could identify the slow worm and muntjac deer. 

Such visits inspire the children and are great starting points for work in school but they can also spark a hobby or interest which can last a lifetime.  Senior Deputy Headteacher, Kate Atkinson said, ‘We are so lucky to live in an area with such rich countryside.  I hope that the children are motivated to look at their surroundings and even take up bird watching. Mike is always a pleasure to listen to – the children learn so much from him.  Thank you to The Len Pick Trust for organising such an inspirational event.”