Below are some of the questions asked by visitors to the school.

Q | What sports do you have for the children? Are they for girls as well as boys?
A | The school is an Activemark School which is awarded for excellent provision and delivery of physical education : it means there is a superb range of games facilities for boys as well as girls!

Q | Do you play sport against other schools?
A | We play sport against a variety of other schools and in a range of sports – and, modesty aside, do pretty well!

Q | Do you have teams or houses?
A | There are four colour houses and children are encouraged to develop teamwork by participation in house competitions as they get older.

Q | What after school clubs are available and for what ages?
A | There is a wide range of clubs available. Please look in the extra curricular section of the website.

Q | What can the children bring as refreshments for their mid morning break?
A | In the infant classes children are provided with fresh fruit daily, milk can be ordered free for children under 5 and a small charge is made for children who have turned 5. In the juniors there is also an option to have milk and children are encouraged to bring a piece of fruit or a healthy snack for snack and stretch.

Q | What happens at lunchtime, where do the children eat, are there cooked lunches, how are the children supervised at lunchtime?
A | Children have the option of eating a hot lunch cooked in the school kitchen or their own packed lunch. All children eat in the main hall and are fully supervised during their lunch break.

Q | Do you participate in a milk scheme within the school and what is the cost if you do?
A | There is a milk scheme which is available to all children at a cost of approximately 22p per day with free milk for children under five.

Q | Is your school part of the Free Fruit Scheme for infant children?
A | All infant children receive free fruit under the free fruit scheme on a daily basis.

Q | Do you have a school nurse?
A | Yes we do. The school nurse can be contacted through the school office with any particular queries.

Q | Are you part of the Healthy Schools? What sort of pastoral care is offered?
A | We were one of the first healthy schools nationally and pride ourselves on the high level of pastoral care which is offered for all children.

Q | Who do we contact if we have a problem?
A | In the first instance you should contact your class teacher but please be aware that  Phase Leaders, Deputy Phase Leaders or members of the Senior Leadership are available if necessary.

Q | Is it easy to see a teacher?
A | For general queries teachers can be seen easily at the beginning or end of the day by just popping into school or having a word when you collect your child. If you require a confidential discussion then it is perhaps wiser to make an appointment so that a specific time can be allocated.

Q | What sort of uniform is required and from where is it obtainable?
A | We are very grateful for the support parents give to our Uniform policy.  Generally most uniform items can be purchased through the school.

Q | What equipment is required other than uniform?
A | Generally speaking many children bring their own equipment such as pens and pencils as they go through the school and become more independent and want to use their own things.

Q | Do you have any individual music lessons available to pupils?
A | A wide range of peripatetic music is available in the school, including piano, woodwind, brass, guitar and recorders.

Q | What educational visits do the children take part in and are there any residential visits?
A | In the early years trips tend to be closer to home but as our children grow older trips further a field occur until in Year 5 where children have a short residential visit.  Our Year 6 the children have a week long residential visit to Aylmerton in Norfolk.

Q | What is the ratio for children: teacher, teaching assistant for each class?
A | The current pupil: teacher ratio is 1:30 and most classes are full or nearly full. There is a high level of teaching assistant support across the school.

Q | What is the procedure for 11+ in Lincolnshire?
A | In this area of Lincolnshire children are able to take two 11+ papers in the Autumn Term prior to them leaving primary school. Parents are automatically sent a comprehensive information pack from the local authority for selecting a suitable place for their child. Information is also available via your child’s class teacher.

Q | What percentage of Year 6 children obtain a place at the Grammar School?
A | The percentage differs from year to year but generally we feel that children are placed appropriately through the selection process. If you have any queries or concerns please contact your child’s class teacher in the first instance.

Q | Are the children given homework on a regular basis?
A | There is a progressive range of homework beginning with simple flash cards and help with reading in Reception right through to regular core subject homework in Year 6.

Q | How strong is the discipline within the school – is there a policy to maintain good behaviour?
A | Discipline in the school is generally excellent. The calm working atmosphere ensures your child is able to achieve their best.