We aim to give all children irrespective of age, gender or finanical circumstances, the opportunity to enjoy an outstanding, inspiring  and creative musical education.  To have the opportunity to participate and perform in musical ensembles, learn to play an instrument, be taught by specialist teachers and to have access to a wide variety of extra curricular musical activities from Year 1 onwards.  Our music curriculum will ensure that our children grow as musicians in all areas and will support the individual child's needs and talents.


Children will have the opportunity to perform, listen to and evaluate music from across a range of historical periods, genres, styles and traditions.  They will learn about the dimensions, production and communication of music in terms of pitch, rhythm, duration dynamics and tempo and learn to read traditional pitched notation.  All children will learn to use their singing voice, with control and expression and have the opportunity to sign in ensembles and choirs.  Children will have a wide variety of opportunities both in curricular lessons and in extra curricular activities to use these skills in order to compose, improvise and perform as a soloist or in a group.

Musical performance is an important part of a child's musical education and to this end we will ensure that all children have the opportunity to perform regularly, through class ensembles, our Year 6 production and assemblies, our annual music concert, various competitions, festivals, links with other schools and the wider community.


Children will learn to engage with music as a subject and develop their enjoyment through playing and singing.  They will increase their confidence, creativity and ability as young musicians, and will work together and individually in practical inspiring lessons to begin to understand the basics of rhythmic notation and ensemble work.


 Children will continue to build on their KS1 knowledge and skills, through performing, composing and listening.  All children will learn to play the descant recorder.  Children will continue to grow in confidence and be able to put together more sophisticated musical ideas and perform with increased accuracy.