Keystone TSA is an Appropriate Body for the Professional Induction of Primary and Secondary Newly Qualified Teachers (NQTs).

The cost of final accreditation is £300 per NQT.  For further details and registration forms e-mail: nqt.keystone@bournewestfield.lincs.sch.uk

The appointment of an Appropriate Body is a statutory requirement for the induction period of NQTs and the Appropriate Body makes the final decision as to whether an NQT has met the Teachers' Standards on the recommendation of the Headteacher/Principal.  An NQT needs to be registered with an Appropriate Body before they commence their induction.  It is possible to complete an induction programme on a part-time basis.  The induction period for a part-time NQT is calculated pro-rata so that the same number of sessions is covered as for a full time NQT.

It is the responsibility of schools to ensure that they commit appropriate resources to the induction of NQTs.  It is the joint responsibility of the Appropriate Body and the school to ensure the quality of this induction provision.

Keystone TS offer a comprehensive training programme for NQTs which can be purchased as a whole or as a 'pick and mix' offer - please see attached.

  1. New NQT Registration Form 2018-19
  2. NQT Primary Programme Form 2018
  3. NQT Secondary Programme Form 2018
  4. NQT Primary Induction Programme 2018 and 2019