S2S Support

The Keystone – South Lincolnshire Teaching School has a long-standing tradition of leading in this area, having worked with a number of schools to support their development. Similarly, the Alliance has National Leaders of Education and Local Leaders of Education as well as many strong Senior and Middle Leaders who have all contributed to the improvement in outcomes for those young people attending the schools where their support has been implemented.

Across the Alliance we have a great deal of expertise in every area from improving the quality of teaching, to leadership coaching, behaviour management, policies and systems, data and tracking, curriculum design, timetabling, financial management and individual subject support. We are equipped and committed to providing a personalised, yet robust, support package within the Primary school sector.

As a National Teaching School we are able to designate and deploy Specialist Leaders of Education (SLEs) in a range of subject areas and phases. We continue to work closely with Lincolnshire Local Authority in school-to-school support, having a number of talented staff at all levels across the Alliance who work with colleagues and leaders in other schools as part of Local Authority support.

A clear philosophy underpins all our school-to-school work: we believe that all schools have strengths to share and things to learn. We do not subscribe to the strong school/weak school paradigm, being interested in collaboration that we know helps all schools to thrive.

If you require more information about school to school support or would like to arrange a learning visit for yourself or colleagues, please contact the school directly at kfinch.keystone@bournewestfield.lincs.sch.uk  - 01778 393831.