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  • Madagascar by Air!

    As part of their English writing lessons, and unbeknownst to them until the start of the event, Year 6 children went on a ‘flight’ to Madagascar! 

    The school’s main hall was setup as a wide bodied jet airliner and children had to find their way with their carry-on luggage from the ‘departures lounge’ (their classrooms), to the correct gate for boarding and finally to find their seat from personalised boarding passes handed out in the departure lounge. 

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  • From tiny seeds ....

    From tiny seeds……….HUGE pumpkins grow!

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  • It Takes Courage

    Tying in nicely with Bourne Westfield’s assembly theme of courage, children in Mrs Johnson’s Year 4 class had the privilege of seeing a British Empire Medal prior to it going back to the Elizabeth Fry Probation Hostel in Reading.

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