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  • Shakespeare for Schools

    Last term, 26 of Bourne Westfield’s Year 5 and 6 children took part in a Shakespeare for Schools project sponsored by Tesco Bourne.

    Deputy Headteacher; Mrs Finch, Arts Director; Miss Beavis and Reception teacher; Mrs Hanson directed the rehearsals and prepared the children for their performance which took place at the Key Theatre in Peterborough on Monday 30th October.

    As part of the project, the children had the opportunity to work alongside professional actors, who helped to prepare them for their performance in a large theatre, coaching them throughout their dress rehearsal for their production of Macbeth.

    The children performed alongside Bourne Academy and Bourne Grammar School to a full house of families, teachers and members of the public.  Vivienne Hamilton, Community Champion at Tesco Bourne, who was invited to watch the performance, commented “it was a joy to see the children perform. They had obviously worked incredibly hard to learn their lines and to polish their performance in such a short space of time”.  Arts Director Rebecca Beavis added “The whole project has been amazing, we are very lucky to have had such fantastic support from Tesco and we are all incredibly proud of our children.”


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  • Magical Day for Year 6

    Year 6 pupils made an enchanting journey to Warner Brothers Studio Tour in London last Wednesday, linked to the term’s theme of ‘Magic and Mystery’. The trip built upon the Hogwarts Day at the start of the year, when the pupils had received a letter inviting them to the school of magic to learn a variety of magical skills, such as how to make potions and about mythical creatures.

    The studio tour generated huge excitement amongst the Year 6 children and staff from the moment it began. For the children, the studio tour itself revealed the art of filmmaking through the presentation of sets, costumes and props, as well as through the many opportunities to access interactive activities. The pupils were amazed to be able to see and touch the actual production paraphernalia that previously had been used in the making of the Harry Potter film series.  All of the children were also given a free photo download as part of the school’s package of their flight on a broomstick in the green screen area.

    Katie Knott, Year 6 class teacher, commented, “It was a brilliant day. The children loved every minute of it and so many have said that it was the best trip ever.”

    The children have been really inspired by this memorable experience.  Being part of such an exciting trip has provided them with the chance to write from first-hand experience and to express both what they saw and felt about the day effectively. As a follow up to the trip, the Year 6 pupils will be writing both a recount text, and creating a leaflet persuading others to visit the studios.

    At Westfield, we use such events to give the children a sense of familiarity with their writing subject, from which they can then draw upon to generate engaging writing.  What better experience could we have desired than to visit the very place this incredible production was created? 


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  • Remembrance Poem

    Some Year 5 children have written a Remembrance Poem.

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