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‘Lifestraws’ are a water filtration device which allow the user of the ‘Lifestraw’ to drink any liquid, even muddy water, safely, without risk of disease or infection.  To help raise money for this cause, the RotaKids ran a ‘Guess the name of the Bear’ stall at the Bourne Westfield Primary Academy Christmas Fair.  We are delighted to announce that the event a success and raised £21.70 which the Bourne Rotary Club have matched, resulting in a total of £43.40 being raised. This is sufficient to purchase a family LifeStraw, meaning that a family can drink safe water for three years. The winning name, randomly selected, was Year 4 pupil Sophie Clarke who correctly guessed the bear’s name as Bella. Sophie was very excited to have won the prize and has also asked to become a member of RotaKids.  Miss Desbruslais, co-ordinator of RotaKids commented, “It was fantastic to see the RotaKids running the stall, they were very welcoming to everyone who wanted to take part. It will be lovely to welcome Sophie as a new RotaKids member. All of the RotaKids were excited to find out exactly how their fundraising had helped others, being able to provide a family with clean water for 3 years is a fantastic achievement. We are also very grateful to the Rotary club of Bourne who matched our total raised.”