Governors' Area

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Silver Reading Pledge Award
14th July 2024
Arts Week 2024
10th July 2024
Year 6 Residential Visit to Aylmerton
8th July 2024
Little People, Big Dreams
8th July 2024
Bourne Westfield Supports Bourne Foodbank
4th July 2024
Family Reading Time
4th July 2024
Junior Online Safety Officer Awards
3rd July 2024
Year 4 Learn About Textiles
1st July 2024
Y1 Grow Cress with the support of Bourne Co-op
28th June 2024
Year 3 visit the Gurdwara
26th June 2024
A Sunny Day for the Summer Fair
24th June 2024
Tennis Tournament
19th June 2024
Sports Day Season Has Started
18th June 2024
Year 3 Romans Day meets OPAL Play
11th June 2024
Year 5 Camp Out
4th June 2024
Toys from the Past
20th May 2024
Kinball Fun
8th May 2024
Thurlby Tigers and Bourne Westfield Primary Academy agree pitch rental deal
29th April 2024
Much Ado About Nothing
29th March 2024
Year 6 Make Pasties
28th March 2024
First Signs of Spring
22nd March 2024
Year 6 Science - Disecting Hearts
21st March 2024
Bourne Fire Service visit Year 2
14th March 2024
Mentoring Magic
21st February 2024
Lighting Up the Room
20th February 2024
Valentine Disco Fun
19th February 2024
Voting for the Best Design
19th February 2024
Learning to Cycle
31st January 2024
Year 5 Try a New Sport - Kin-ball
30th January 2024
Year 5 Visit Leicester Mandir
29th January 2024
Little Westys Learn the Importance of Road Safety
29th January 2024
Year 5 Science
17th January 2024
Year 6 design WW2 Tanks
16th January 2024
Year 5 Make Bread
20th December 2023
Christmas comes to Westfield
20th December 2023
Learning about Wildlife
6th December 2023
Christmas Fair 2023
5th December 2023
From Roots to Food
4th December 2023
Times Table Information Evening
28th November 2023
Celebrating Diwali
22nd November 2023
Remembering ...
22nd November 2023
Keeping our School Grounds Tidy
21st November 2023
Wacky Hair for the Christmas Fair
20th November 2023
A Good Start to the Sportring Year
8th November 2023
Lest We Forget
8th November 2023
End of Term Disco Fun
20th October 2023
20th October 2023
Pumpkin Paradise
20th October 2023
Year 6 Art
20th October 2023
Year 5 - Mayan Inspiration
10th October 2023
Bumper Harvest supports Bourne Foodbank
10th October 2023
Our Victorian Day by Year 6
4th October 2023
Year 4 - Egyptian Day
2nd October 2023
BRM Bourne
29th September 2023
Arts Week 2023
25th July 2023
A Fond Farewell
24th July 2023
Year 6 Musicians Perform at Bourne Town Hall
19th July 2023
Year 6 Residential
12th July 2023
Animal Antics
11th July 2023
Reading for Pleasure
10th July 2023
Sports Days
10th July 2023
Summer Fun
28th June 2023
Year 3 visit the Gurdwara
27th June 2023
Supporting Don't Lose Hope
26th June 2023
Y3 - Romans for a Day
14th June 2023
Budding Engineers
13th June 2023
Swap Shack
12th June 2023
The Cricket Season has Arrived
17th May 2023
Clean Air Detectives
17th May 2023
A Day as Egyptians
16th May 2023
Sharing a Love of Reading
15th May 2023
Coronation Fun
5th May 2023
Primary Maths Mastery Specialist
3rd May 2023
Goodbye and Thank you Mrs Radley!
3rd May 2023
Daringly Different Digital Art
2nd May 2023
DT with a Difference
19th April 2023
A Different Type of Education
19th April 2023
History of Delaine for Year 2
22nd March 2023
Amazing play, every day, for every child
21st March 2023
Fun on the Farm
20th March 2023
Netball Success
8th March 2023
Crumble Controlling
8th March 2023
Market Day
3rd March 2023
Congratulations Mrs Beavis!
3rd March 2023
Special Visitors at Little Westys
21st February 2023
Year 4s Light Up the Room
21st February 2023
Fire, Fire! Fire, Fire!
8th February 2023
Reception cook with Roots to Food
24th January 2023
Great Fire of London
10th January 2023
Amazing Year 6 Art
10th January 2023
It's The Most Wonderful Time of the Year
13th December 2022
Music for Youth - Royal Albert Hall
30th November 2022
Year 4 - Viking Inspiration
30th November 2022
Learning about Sportsmanship
29th November 2022
Remembering ...
16th November 2022
Victorian Day
16th November 2022
Year 4 visit The Collection in Lincoln
2nd November 2022
SciFest 2022
2nd November 2022
EYFS Balance Bike Training
1st November 2022
Reception Starters 2023
24th October 2022
Romans for a Day
20th June 2022
Platinum Jubilee
26th May 2022
Bikeability - EYFS
12th January 2022
Star of the Week for 'Lolli'
1st December 2021