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The school is now closed for the summer holidays - the new academic year begins on Monday 5th September.

Back to Victorian Times

This week, all Year 6 pupils at Bourne Westfield Primary Academy were transported back in time 150 years to the Victorian era to experience a day in a Victorian school. Pupils all embraced the experience by dressing up in costume and giving up on any of the usual technology for the day.

The girls and boys lined up separately at the sound of the school bell and filed into class to stand behind their chairs in silence. Once a penny had been paid for their day’s education, there was a hand inspection – because cleanliness is next to Godliness!

Lessons throughout the day focused on the three ‘R’s Reading wRiting and aRithmetic. Of course, no left-handers were tolerated! Indeed, handwriting with a chalk and slate was quite a challenge for all. Maths – using imperial measures - was pretty tricky too as pupils grappled with adding pounds, shillings, pence and farthings. Three very strict Victorian school teachers ensured times tables were chanted in rote. Mistakes were very humiliating as they resulted in several pupils spending time in the corner wearing a Dunce’s hat. A few unfortunate souls whose behaviour was less that exemplar, found themselves taken out of the classroom to be caned!

There was little respite during the drill P.E. lesson which took place despite the grey mizzle and had all the pupils standing in rows to stretch and march in unison. With Bible reading and sewing for the girls and technical drawing for the boys, the lessons for the day were complete.  

All pupils said they thoroughly enjoyed the experience. Maddie from 6S said, “It was the best day! The handwriting was very fussy. I would not like to use a chalk and slate – it is so difficult to be neat.”