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Year 5 Try a New Sport - Kin-ball

Published: 30th January 2024

On Monday 22nd January a group of 10 boys from Year 5 went to Bourne Academy to be introduced to a new sport called Kin-ball. Kin-ball is a sport played by 3 teams on the same court, with one team throwing the ball against another team who must try and keep the ball off the floor. It is great fun and with an emphasis on teamwork.  The pupils were introduced to the massive ball and took part in a morning of different activities to enable them to play the game. As the morning progressed, they learnt the rules of the game, playing some fun matches against 4 other schools after lunch.

PE teacher, Hannah Anderson, commented, “This was a lovely activity for the children to participate in.  We are hoping to purchase a ball and start a school club later in the year.”


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