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At Bourne Westfield, children are taught under these learning concepts:

  • Know and use numbers

    This concept involves understanding the number system and how they are used in a wide variety of mathematical ways.

  • Add and subtract

    This concept involves understanding both the concepts and processes of addition and subtraction.

  • Multiply and divide

    This concept involves understanding both the concepts and processes of multiplication and division.

  • Use fractions

    This concept involves understanding the concept of part and whole and ways of calculating using it.

  • Understand the properties of shapes

    This concept involves recognising the names and properties of geometric shapes and angles.

  • Describe position, direction and movement

    This concept involves recognising various types of mathematical movements.

  • Use measures

    This concept involves becoming familiar with a range of measures, devices used for measuring and calculations.

  • Use statistics

    This concept involves interpreting, manipulating and presenting data in various ways.

  • Use algebra
  • This concept involves recognising mathematical properties and relationships using symbolic representations

We encourage children to talk like mathematicians using the sentence stems below.

Maths Progression - White Rose

Helpful Parent Guides and Resources are available. Please click to visit the White Rose site.


Year 4 Multiplication Check - Information for Parents. Children in Year 4 will take the statutory Multiplication Check in June between the 5th and 16th.

Here is: Bourne Westfield Primary Academy’s Parents’ Guide to Times Tables


                             Times Table Challenges:


Number Bond challenges


Bronze, Silver, Gold & Platinum Times Table Challenge

Bronze, Silver, Gold & Platinum Division Challenge

Times Tables Challenges beyond Platinum:

Measures Challenge

Fractions Challenge

x 10, 100 and 1000