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Little Westys Learn the Importance of Road Safety

Published: 29th January 2024

As part of our people who help us in the local community topic, Little Westys welcomed “Lolly,” Bourne Westfield’s Crossing Patrol Officer, and Andy Hall, Road Safety Officer for Lincolnshire County Council.  It was lovely to see how many of the children recognised “Lolly” from their journey to and from school.

During the visit, the children learnt how to stay safe when using the zebra crossing and some even volunteered to be crossing patrol helpers and guided their friends across the temporary zebra crossing set up in nursery.  They wore their high-vis vests and had even made their own lollipop in nursery in readiness for the visit.

Road Safety Officer, Andy Hall, commented, “It is very important to start Road Safety education as early as possible.  Today the children met their lollipop (School Crossing Patrol) lady and learnt that she is there to help them cross the road safely.  They were all well behaved and practised crossing the road using a zebra crossing and volunteer lollipop people.”


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