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Year 5 Science

Published: 17th January 2024

Year 5 have had an extremely exciting start to 2024. Our new science topic was launched with a visit by StarLincs, who provided a mobile planetarium for us to explore the night sky. Pupils explored why we have day and night on planet Earth and why we see the phases of the Moon. They looked at the size and shape of the planets in our Solar System and their distance from the Sun. They also spotted many famous constellations. 

Pupil then embarked upon a ‘Mission to Mars’. They explored the concept of interplanetary space travel and designed landing crafts to safely land on Mars. Pupils then explored the tastes and smells of space! 

These experiences were further enhanced by a visit from a previous pupil of our school, Chloe, who is now an astrophysicist. Chloe is currently completing her doctorate and was able to answer the many excellent questions posed by the children. Equally of note, was her ability to ignite pupils’ desire to achieve their own goals and dreams for the future.  



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