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Year 5 Make Bread

Published: 20th December 2023

Year 5 children at Bourne Westfield have been learning about the importance of a balanced diet and how carbohydrates are vital as the primary source of energy. They discussed the history of bread and how important it has been throughout history as an economical carbohydrate. They looked at ingredients in bread and how yeast is what makes our dough rise. This linked with their learning in Science as they discussed how making bread is an irreversible change.

The children then had to put their knowledge to use when they created their own Christmas bread. They planned several designs and then decided on which one they would create. The children planned what ingredients they would use to create a scrumptious Christmas bread. They had to carefully weigh out the ingredients and then mix them all together. They then kneaded their dough, shaped it into their chosen design and let it prove before putting it in the oven to bake.

Children turned into food critics when the bread was ready; they had to rate the bread out of five stars, thinking about the taste, the texture, smell, and appearance. Bakers were also given advice on what they could do differently next time.

Year 5 teacher, Hannah Murray, commented, “It was a great learning opportunity for the children and many of them have taken the recipe home to recreate the recipe with their families over Christmas.”


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