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Year 1 visit Hamerton Zoo

The children were fascinated by the different creatures they encountered at the zoo, being particularly impressed with the white Bengal tiger, called Blizzard. Pupils were lucky enough to all receive an animal talk from zoo experts where they could handle different animal skins, and learn how to group animals into categories: mammals, birds or reptiles.  The children were able to handle an albino pygmy hedgehog, a bearded dragon and an owl called twizzle who lives with one of the zookeepers and flies around her house! One pupil commented, “This is amazing, I didn’t know there were so many types of owl. But the cheetahs were my favourite because they kept racing around so much!”.

All the adults on the trip were impressed with the mature questioning and behaviour from all of the pupils. Year 1 teacher, Miss Goodrich explains, “It was fantastic to see the children so engaged. We have been learning about mammals in Science so the children were able to participate well during the animal talk and we are planning to do some super recount writing now we have returned to school.”