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Raising Money for Lifestraws

These systems, called Lifestraws, are able to filter any type of water, be it rain, river etc and turn it into clean water which is safe to drink. President of the RotaKids Lucy Lavery explained, “Lifestraws have the ability to save thousands of lives and we want to raise as much money as possible to help.”

RotaKids decided to take part in a twelve hour sponsored silence and were sponsored by their kind friends and family. RotaKids Co-ordinator, Miss Desbruslais tells us. “I am very proud of the children, to be completely silent for twelve hours was a real challenge! They all carried round whiteboards in case their

teachers or friends asked them a question. What’s more, the Rotary Club of Bourne were so impressed with the dedication of the RotaKids that they decided to raise some sponsorship by asking Bourne Rotarians for help. The Rotary Club put forward an additional £80.00, bringing the total to £300.00.”

A huge congratulations to Bourne Westfield RotaKids on a fantastic achievement.