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A Little Bit of Magic!

The next day, the children completed their journey and were soon registering at Hogwarts with Professor Dumbledore on hand to welcome the pupils to their new school.  This was followed by experiencing the ‘Sorting Hat’ to decide houses before a day of lessons proceeded with some rather different looking teachers.  Children were enthralled in learning about ‘Care Of Magical Creatures’, ‘Potions And Spells’, ‘Wand Choreography’ and ‘The Constellations’ visible on the ceiling of Hogwart’s Great Hall.  The afternoon was then spent in healthy exercise on the playing fields as children learnt and got to grips with playing ‘Quidditch’!

Nick Chandler, Deputy Headteacher and Year 6 teacher, commented that, “At Westfield, we always try to offer a personalised experience for the children to reflect upon when tackling written compositions.  It is unfair to ask children to write in a particular genre if they have no real inspiration of their own on which to base the task.  The Hogwarts day was a huge success and motivated the children way beyond our hopes and expectation.  The diary entries and draft recounts that quickly followed have been wonderful and we hope their instructions on how to play Quidditch will match for quality.  The teachers did complain a little about the hot weather and heavy gowns, and we understand that Dumbledore is having second thoughts about the beard and long hair in the Summer heat!”