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Y6 Burghley Elizabethan Christmas

Group sessions then followed where children learnt Tudor dancing and entertaining games of the time; the pace of Tudor dancing was a little more pedestrian than modern styles but the holding hands was less warmly greet by boy and girl partners!  In addition, an atmospheric visit to the kitchens, rarely seen by visitors, was perfect to lend a hands-on sensory experience and to inspire the children subsequently to write a narrative as a child mysteriously travelling back in time to work in the kitchens.  As one child put it, it ‘I’m not turning the spit just to get a roasting’!  This session ended with the children sampling ‘Frumenty’, a Tudor porridge.  Needless to say, there were some mixed reviews but trepidation soon turned to anticipation and even desperation as seconds and even thirds were sought !

The children also made Tudor purses as a keepsake of an era long before trouser pockets came into existence.  This activity also gave a fascinating insight to the world of ‘cutpurses’ as a taste of a darker side to Tudor society.

As the visit drew to a close, the children met up with Henry VIII again as he summed up the times in a more light-hearted style how he had been the original ‘Brexit’ instigator by outlining his break from Europe and formation of the Church of England!   Finally, he recounted a ghost story in order to settle the children for a calm return trip in the gathering gloom!  The accompanying teachers were very grateful!