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Fun times for Year 5 at PGL

The unique challenges encountered involved: fire and shelter making; leading each other through an obstacle trail in the woods blindfolded; building a raft which was then tested on the water; travelling along a zip wire; climbing to new heights on Jacob’s Ladder and All Aboard and surviving a night away from home.

Returning home the children were exceptionally tired but full of a sense of achievement, confidence and a feeling of success as they recognised the full extent of their accomplishments. Many children had to dig deep to find the courage to climb to the top of a telegraph pole; the height of which was quite staggering.  Supporting each other children soon learned to put on harnesses, and under watchful leaders’ eyes, to ensure absolute safety at all times, they climbed to the top. A deep breath was needed as the children leapt off

a platform and zoomed down a zip wire. Nerves of steel, and trust in one’s peers, were necessary when led through the wood blindfolded. The challenges at Caythorpe were most impressive, as was the response of the children.  They went beyond what they thought themselves capable of and every child returned with some story about how they faced challenges and overcame their nerves. They were all proud of themselves.

Mrs Goodwin, Year 5 class teacher and party leader, commented: “This year was another successful trip; the whole experience had a positive impact on all the pupils.  They had to take responsibility for themselves, help others and face their fears. I was very proud and impressed with the bravery witnessed and the encouragement given as pupils faced real challenges. It was also impressed with the sense of humour and maturity seen during the visit and the ‘have a go’ attitude.  It was a delight to see the pupils grow and develop. Caythorpe staff expressed how well behaved, polite and supportive the pupils had been.”

The pupils will now use the knowledge and experience to enhance learning in school. They will be writing persuasive texts to persuade Year 4 pupils to take part in the trip next year and convincing Governors that the residential visit is worth repeating.