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Year 4 visit The Collection

Museum staff led 3 fantastic activities – the first activity was a tour of the museum’s Saxon and Viking artefacts where the pupils saw a reconstruction of a Saxon skull, carved artefacts and valuable brooches.

The second was studying writing using runes. The children had a go at writing their names using the different letters.

Also, there was an archaeological dig activity where the children were taught how to excavate. The archaeological dig was an extremely popular activity because children were able to experience the thrill of digging for replica artefacts, record their findings and discover the artefact’s purpose.

The final activity was craft related with pupils making replica bone combs.

A real highlight of the day was learning about Saxon and Viking clothing and trying on different authentic costumes.

Year 4 teacher, Tamsin Sawyer, commented “It was an excellent, and very enjoyable, opportunity for us to learn about why Vikings and Saxons came to our area and to imagine what life would be for an early settler in Lincoln.”