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Warwick Davis visits Westfield!

The Mezzo Centre sits at the ‘centre, middle of, or heart’ of our school and provides a fantastic learning environment for children, teachers and governors. 

Elaine Radley warmly welcomed a number of special guests including Trevor Holmes from Bourne United Charities, Bob Brown from Bourne Education Foundation, Tim Conning from APSS,  Mrs Waring  who provided our introduction to our special guest, Warwick Davis.

Headteacher Elaine Radley commented "As a town, Bourne is incredibly lucky to have a number of charities who work to support children and families and this fantastic learning space could not have been created were it not for the help of the Bourne Education Foundation, part of the Bourne United Charities, so to all of those who put in hours of work to manage these changes thank you on behalf of staff and governors.  The Bourne Education Foundation - Having looked a little into the history of the Foundation I was fascinated to find that the original endowment was provided by William Trollope nearly 400 years ago in 1686 when he provided money to fund The Harrington and Trollopes Secondary School.

One of the challenges that I set our school is to discover in each individual that special talent or interest that makes each of them unique.  All of the children at Bourne Westfield are incredibly special and work hard to achieve great things and I was delighted to welcome Warwick today - a very talented and special actor and TV presenter who has embraced every opportunity afforded to him to achieve what has been an inspirational acting career."

Warwick entertained and enthralled children with a wonderful history of his life to date in a day that they will remember for the rest of their lives.