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We're All Going to the Zoo

Each class had a hands-on workshop with zookeepers where they learnt about how to tell if an animal is a mammal, bird or reptile. The children were very excited to touch crocodile skin, a skunk pelt and even elephant hide; they were surprised to find the elephant hide was slightly furry! Next, the children were able to handle and stroke an owl, snake, a white hedgehog and a bearded dragon. Class teacher Miss Desbruslais explained “I was so impressed by the behaviour of the children, they were very gentle when handling these unusual animals and make sure to speak in quiet voices to avoid upsetting the animals. Hamerton Zoo were very accommodating and made sure the children knew how to handle the animals correctly.” After a hands-on animal experience, the children then explored the Zoo in smaller groups, making sure they all saw their favourite animals. The children had a fantastic day and enjoyed a rather different learning experience. This experience will now be used an inspiration for some writing in Literacy later in the week.