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Published: 29th September 2023

On Saturday 23rd September 11 children from Year 5 and Year 6 at Bourne Westfield were invited to attend the 'Engineered in Bourne' event that was hosted at Bourne Corn Exchange.  The aim of the event was to inspire and motivate young people into career pathways that are available in motor sport racing, with a special focus on careers in Science, Technology and Mathematics (STEM).  Accompanied by two members of staff, the children were able to engage with a presentation around the long history and association of motor racing in Bourne and hear all about the varied and exciting opportunities available in motor sports.  During the presentation, it was revealed that it may take a total of 1,900,000 people to host a Grand Prix!  One often forgets about the suppliers, engineers, marshals, scientists and media staff as often the focus is on the drivers. 

Tear 5 teacher, Sue Cameron was impressed by the insightful questions asked by the children and the thoughtful answers given by them.  The children also had the opportunity to inspect, at close hand, a number of racing cars and also a variety of racing materials, including an exhaust manifold from the Red Bull racing team, a fireproof suit worn by Josh Hill (Graham Hill's grandson) and a tyre from a racing car driven by Max Verstappen.  The children were completely engaged throughout the event and thoroughly enjoyed this opportunity afforded them by the partnership between Silverstone Museum, BRM and Bourne Motor Club. 

Assistant Headteacher, Sharon Humphreys, commented, “The children were all inspired by this event for future careers in STEM and wished to thank the organisers for this incredible opportunity and the hard work by so many people to bring this event to life.”

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