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DT with a Difference

Published: 19th April 2023

Year 6 pupils evaluated a selection of delicious pasties as part of their design and technology lessons. Looking at the texture, taste, nutritional values and appearance, the children rated each pasty out of 10; in order to discuss and decide what the criteria for a perfect pasty was. The evaluations then fed into their own pasty designs. The children were studying WW2 and had looked at what rations would be available during the war.  With this in mind, only using seasonal vegetables and vegetarian produce, pupils planned their own pasty. Using a range of cooking skills, the children then created their culinary masterpiece. The completed pasties were then evaluated, and future improvements discussed.

Year 6 teacher, Gillian Goodwin, commented, " I was actually surprised at how tasty the pasties were. The children really thought about the nutritional value of their pasty, and they all planned to cook them again at home for their families."

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