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Primary Maths Mastery Specialist

Published: 3rd May 2023

Bourne Westfield Primary Academy are incredibly proud of Mrs Johnson as she has been appointed as a Primary Maths Mastery Specialist for the East Midlands East Maths Hub.  Mrs Johnson will still be a teacher at Bourne Westfield next year and the school will continue to benefit from her maths expertise.  In her role as Primary Mastery Specialist, she will be working with other school across the East Midlands to support their mathematics journey.  Mrs Johnson has a passion for mathematics which she shares with the children and staff alike. 

Headteacher, Miss Atkinson, commented, ‘Mrs Johnson is an inspirational teacher and we are so proud that she will be supporting other schools.  She has contributed such a lot to Westfield and I know that her work with the Maths Hub will benefit the school as she’ll have access to the latest research and resources.’

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