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Year 4 - Viking Inspiration

Published: 30th November 2022

Viking raiders came in peace when they took over three classrooms at Bourne Westfield Primary Academy last week.

Instead of terrifying invaders, these visitors had travelled through time to help bring to life the topic of Vikings for Year 4 children at the school.

The hoard of Vikings set up an armoury, held Viking games and explored Viking culture and gods with the children. A highlight for many of the children was the fashion show, which in gruesome Nordic style was a series of duels between armed warriors demonstrating the different armour and weapons that various ranks of fighters would use. In addition to this, the children listened to many sagas that were acted out to bring their stories to life.

Year 4 teacher, Phillippa Johnson said, “It was a truly inspirational visit. The questions the children asked showed how much they had learnt and how keen they were to find out more about life in Viking times. It was a fantastic day and we have to thank the Corby Viking Re-enactment Group ‘Vikings of Mercia’ for making the whole day possible.  A special mention must go to the Roberts family for their involvement in the day.”

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