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Year 4 visit The Collection in Lincoln

Published: 2nd November 2022

Bourne Westfield Year 4 pupils experienced a wonderful History Day at “The Collection” museum in Lincoln.

Museum staff led 3 fantastic activities – the first activity provided children with an opportunity to handle artefacts and replicas from the Viking era.

The second was a recreation of Viking life in which the children learned about Viking clothing before shopping at a Viking trading post. After considering what food would have been available to Vikings, the children learnt the art of haggling for a good price!

The third activity was an archaeological dig activity where the children were taught how to excavate. The archaeological dig was an extremely popular activity because children were able to experience the thrill of digging for replica artefacts, record their findings and discover the artefact’s purpose.

Year 4 teacher, Phillippa Johnson, commented, “It was a fantastic day which was very enjoyable for the children. It gave the children an opportunity to learn about why the Vikings came to our area and enabled them to imagine what life was like for an early settler in Lincoln.”

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