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Fun in the Woods

Published: 12th October 2021

Year 3 children visited Newball Woods near Lincoln last week for a Stone Age experience day.  The children had an amazing day learning about the hunting, building and cooking methods used during the Stone Age.  They built Stone Age shelters, learnt how food was cooked and even prepared and ate fish.  The children built fires and were shown a bow drill demonstration – it was a very hard way to use friction to make a fire!

The children then witnessed a demonstration of how to use hot rocks to boil water.  The challenge was set and the water needed 10 rocks to boil!  Finally, the children played a game of ‘Eagle Eye’ using their learnt hunting skills.

Year 3 teacher, Megan Sloan commented, “It was an amazing trip which helped the children really experience Stone Age life!  It was lovely to be able to take the children on an external trip after so long.  These experiences really do ignite a passion for learning.”

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