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Great Fire of London

Published: 10th January 2023

Year 2 experienced an amazing day as they were transported back to 1666, taking on the role of London Merchants. During the morning, the children became apprentices making a range of 17th Century goods including wax candles, bread, clay moulds, perfume, leather book marks and wool weavings. They even role-played as barber surgeons, curing each other of ailments using head drills, saws and pliers! As the day progressed, the children were surprised to find out the news of how the fire was spreading so rapidly across London. Children then became archaeologists investigating a variety of remains from the Great Fire and identified who they belonged to.  

One lucky child, Lottie, was chosen to have a silver button cast from her clay mould for Samuel Pepys’ coat.

Year 2 teacher, Hayley Pardoe, commented, “All the children looked fabulous in their costumes; it really was a great day and will be one we all remember.”

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